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Non-invasive light therapy treatment for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, pigmentation and improving skin texture. myL.E.D FACE harnesses the latest scientific advancements and research in light therapy to fully optimise your at-home LED treatment, using not only red light but also – harder to find in an at-home device – near-infrared light.


myL.E.D FACE harnesses the latest scientific advancements and research in light therapy to fully optimise your at-home LED treatment.

A single 10-minute session of the myL.E.D. FACE leaves your skin feeling plumper, more hydrated and refreshed. These results improve with repeated use. After four weeks of three treatments per week:

• 95% agree skin was brighter and plumper
• 98% agree skin felt firmer
• 96% agree fine lines were less visible

LED light therapy is clinically proven to boost collagen and elastin production, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as treating redness, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, sun damage and dehydrated skin. Use post microneedling treatments to lessen downtime, reduce inflammation and promote circulation to accelerate healing.

LED stands for light-emitting diodes, which are clinically proven to be effective in rejuvenating all skin types.

myL.E.D. non-invasive treatment is a soothing, calming mask which exposes your face not only to red (633nm) but also near infra-red (830nm) light frequencies which travel deeper into the skin, making myL.E.D. a more effective mask choice.

The mask is made from flexible silicone that comfortably moulds to the contours of your face. Each light sits at an optimal distance from your skin and the strategic placement of the LED lights ensures maximum light coverage.

LED therapy also promotes the production of serotonin. This naturally occurring chemical is essential for sleep, wellbeing and happiness.

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4 reviews for myLED FACE

  1. Cindy

    This mask treatment is so relaxing and has had immediate benefits to my skin. I suffer from psoriasis on my face and my skin is not showing the normal dryness I usually have all over. Using it with the Hyla Active has changed the way I look. No more redness and dry patches over my face. I highly recommend this to anyone that has skin problems.

  2. Corri

    I’m actually wearing myLED mask, whilst I’m writing this review! I love it. My skin is loving it. I see a visible improvement, in particular with my Rosacea, I can choose to go make-up free and still have flawless looking skin. I know I’m supposed to take 10 minutes out and relax with myLED, but I don’t have time for that… so the convenience of myLED’s portability allows me to continue doing chores before I rush out the door, or do some gardening and at the same time “do a beauty routine”! How multi-tasking is that.

    My husband uses it constantly for his sore shoulder and really believes he feels so much better after 20-30 mins of the myLED stimulation to the area.

  3. Artiona

    Love it.I have been using myLED for my acne and my skin feels so much better.
    Also so relaxing because Ive had troubles sleeping and just 10 min with this and I sleep like a baby,but getting benefits for my skin.How amaizing is this!!!!Highly recommed it

  4. Grant

    Hi As a guy that does not usually use this type of thing, my wife was using it and I decided to give it a try. I am happy to say the results have been amazing. My skin has never looked so wrinkle free which is a great thing now that 50 is the new 30!!! and I need to try and look like it

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