myDermapen Microneedling Device

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At-home microneedling to treat signs of ageing, sun damage and acne / pimple prone skin


Treat signs of ageing, sun damage and acne and pimple prone skin – at home. myDermapen is proven to visibly:

  • Repair fine lines and wrinkles by plumping and firming skin
  • Smooth and refine uneven skin tone such as pigmentation, dark undereye circles and age spots
  • Heal acne and breakouts
  • Minimise pores
  • Reduce redness

Consistently positive results have led to over 3 million Dermapen treatments in clinics globally, and now the latest microneedling technology is available at home with myDermapen.

With little to no discomfort, treat yourself and discover how easy it is to rewrite your skin, revealing noticeably clearer, plump, smooth skin.

This isn’t like traditional home rollers – we developed the revolutionary Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needling (AOVN™) technology for our microneedling devices. Instead of rolling across the skin, our needles enter vertically to create flawless microinjuries, causing less damage and pain, and vastly reducing downtime.

The automated vibrating function allows up to 1300 micro-channels per second to be created in the skin. These channels carry up to 80% more topical nutrients, allowing the delivery of your serums and creams to feed cells deep within the skin. Increased absorption accelerates collagen stimulation, cell repair and intensifies results. Use specifically-designed Dp Dermaceuticals to feed your skin exactly what it needs at this time, and daily to maximise and maintain your results.

MyDermapen’s unique design enables safe and effective treatment for hard-to-reach areas around the eyes, nose and lips. The adjustable speed and depth can be tailored to suit individual concerns, while the disposable Microderm Needle Cartridge eliminate any risk of cross contamination.

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Performance Features

Home “rolling” has been performed for many years as an at-home treatment, but myDermapen has revolutionised this process by making it easier, safer and so comfortable you can do it yourself without the need for numbing creams. Instead of the needles puncturing and rolling across the skin (which creates a larger, painful wound in the skin) we developed Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needling (AOVN™) Technology. Consistent vertical pressure of the needle penetration is applied, creating 1300 micro-channels per second in the skin.

This means you experience less skin damage, less downtime, and incredible results, and faster.

The science behind it is this: the micro-injuries stimulate fibroblasts and prompt natural collagen production. The channels allow the active ingredients in your choice of cream or serum to penetrate deeper into the skin for intense rejuvenation and greater effectiveness of the product. Testing has shown these micro-channels carry as much as 80% more topical nutrients to the skin, and delivers them deep into the skin for truly noticeable results.


Correct, prevent and repair the signs of skin damage and breakdown.

Striking results can be achieved almost anywhere on the face or body, through versatile and customised treatments.

Simultaneously target the appearance of ageing, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, uneven texture, stretch marks and scar tissue, such as acne. Conveniently, myDermapen treatments can be performed at any location with a power outlet and a mirror.

Treatments are fast, comfortable and deliver visual results after just one session.

How to Use

Correct, prevent and repair the signs of skin damage and breakdown.

Striking results can be achieved almost anywhere on the face or body, through versatile and customised treatments.

Simultaneously target the appearance of ageing, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, uneven texture, stretch marks and scar tissue, such as acne. Conveniently, myDermapen treatments can be performed at any location with a power outlet and a mirror.

Treatments are fast, comfortable and deliver visual results after just one session.

To achieve instant yet long lasting results:

  • Combine with DP Dermaceuticals products for the feeling of instant hydration and skin fullness
  • Cumulative results enable continuing rejuvenation for healthy-looking skin
  • Natural collagen induction for lip plumping
  • Target problem areas such as fine lines around the lips, eyes and frown lines
  • Reduce the appearance of scars or skin damage, such as acne scars and stretch marks on the face or body
  • Minimize the appearance of large pores, blackheads and milia
  • Use between clinic visits to compliment and increase the effectiveness of Dermapen Medical treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser skin re-surfacing.

View full instructions on how to perform a myDermapen Treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I see results?

We recommend you perform a treatment every 7-10 days, as you will notice the results improve significantly with frequent, repeated use. Some skin concerns will noticeably improve after only one or two treatments, however others may take a little longer. The more frequently you can take some “my time” and use your myDermapen, the faster you will see results.

Does microneedling hurt?

myDermapen needles are adjustable between 0.1mm and 0.5mm. It is safe and more effective to treat the skin at 0.5mm, if it is comfortable for you to do so, and there is no risk of skin damage or infection at this depth. The depth can be adjusted by intervals on the dial at the tip of the device, near the needle.

Will it work for scarred skin?

For scarring we recommend you visit a clinic as a deeper needle depth required to treat this type of skin tissue. myDermapen is a fantastic solution for sign of ageing, acne and breakouts, uneven skin tone and redness, however it is set to adjustable needle depths of 0.1-0.5mm. Find a clinic and book a treatment.

Warranty + Money Back Guarantee

We’re so proud of the quality and effectiveness of all our products, we offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not delighted with your purchase, please contact us to arrange a return.

For the first 12 months of ownership, the warranty covers manufacturing defects that affect device operation. Any performance malfunction due to defects in manufacturing will be repaired or replaced during the warranty period.

Please note the warranty does not cover damages due to:

  • User faults by lack of care or negligence
  • Unauthorized electric currency connection faults
  • Faults by the users own intention/dismantle or repairs
  • Damages caused by natural disaster (such as fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, etc)
  • Replacement of genuine parts

11 reviews for myDermapen Microneedling Device

  1. Grace

    I love it on myself and also as a dermal therapist its not as aggressive and tolerated far better for thinner skin and not everyone tolerates the numbing agent ,, I know I hate it on myself and many of my clients are averse to it as well

    Its also light enough to do after a gentle enzyme peel as well , I often combine this treatment with others and it works beautifully

  2. Sarah

    I’ve only done one treatment so far but I can’t believe how much my skin plumped up! I kept applying and re-applying the serum after too, and I think it literally filled my skin up, with so much hyaluronic acid getting deep into my skin. I had some fine lines on my forehead that disappeared straight away.

    Can’t wait to do my next treatment!

  3. Laura Gaffney

    I have had my myDermapen for several years now. I have been using it more than ever with so many new products coming out that need to be administered with a derma roller.

    I like the fact that I can come to this webpage and buy replacement parts and lotions and serums to use with my treatment.

    Great products!

  4. K Milsom

    I’m really happy with results I get from my DermaPen. Once initial redness has subsided and skin has recovered, my skin feels and looks tighter and rejuvenated.

  5. Jeanette

    Overall a great way to microneedle at home. I was hesitant to microneedle at home due to risks caused by contaminated needles but the packaging is great and I feel confident the needles are sterile. This tool is easy to use and convenient. I wish they had the option for needle depth of 2.0 available which is the ideal depth for cheek scars. It is not an overnight fix, it will take some time so be patient.

  6. Priscilla Wilcox

    I love how it plumps up my skin straight away with very little recovery time.

  7. Chris

    I have been using DermaPen to do treatments on a regular basis for almost two years and have seen great results. My skin is firmer and looks more youthful. Considering that each session can cost several hundred dollars at a Dermatology office, DermaPen has saved me thousands of dollars and counting plus it’s more convenient for me to be able to treatments at home whenever I want to.

  8. Eun Lee

    It was much easier than I expected. I feel my face very tight after even one treatment.

  9. Susie Lugg

    My skin looks even and youthful.
    I look so much younger than my counterparts.
    It’s also improved wrinkles and scarring.

  10. Samantha Jane Paul

    Purchased some time ago but have not really had the chance to use consistently to see results. When used, no redness or puffiness the next day, but like I said, not used enough to know if works or not. Will start again this week and get back here after a month.

  11. Linda

    I’ve had My Dermapen for about a year now. Have done about 6 treatments in between salon Dermapen treatments. I find doing my home treatments are just as good as in salon treatments with My Dermapen. Loved being able to continue during COVID lockdown. I find after treatment my skin is more plump and it helps get rid of stubborn milia and sun damage. I have had acne scarring from teenage years and scarring from an accident and I find this has really helped them become less obvious. It is great being able to focus on those specific areas myself from home. The Hyla Active serum is amazing to use during and after treatments and much better than the salon ones. I especially love the masks immediately after treatment which helps soothe and calm my skin. I also use the vitamin rich repair after Hyla Active which is so rich and soothing. The My Dermapen is worth the money and is great quality. It looks just like the one in the salon I go to.

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