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How To Use

1. Before inserting Microderm Needle Cartridge

into the MyDermapen™ handle, grip the tail and push several times to ensure smooth movement.

2. To insert Microderm Needle Cartridge:

Holding the depth controller, insert the cartridge, turning in a clockwise direction until a click is heard. Do not squeeze or over turn.

3. Treatment Procedure for the face.

Apply 4-6 pumps of Dp Dermaceuticals Hyla Active™serum to clean hands and smooth over the treatment area as a gliding medium. Apply more product as required to ensure smooth movement.

Next, visually section the facial area into 6 regions: forehead, cheeks, chin/ jawline, eye area, nose and upper lip.

Turn the MyDermapen dial to the speed required and gently hold the skin taught with your spare hand. Glide it in a sturdy, even and rhythmical motion, going in 3 directions: up and down; side to side and diagonally.

Ensure stripe-like motions, lifting the tip between each stripe to avoid skin irritation. See MyDermapen direction image above.

Once all sections of the face are completed, wipe off excess solution using a soft cotton pad.

To maximise results, it is recommended to follow MyDermapen use with DP Dermaceuticals 3D Hyla Active Sculptured Mask™. Open and unravel the cloth. Starting from the forehead, wrap around the ears then smooth over the remainder of the face and neck area. Remove air bubbles to create a seamless application. Leave the mask on for 10-30mins, then remove and discard.

Finish by applying Dp Dermaceuticals Vitamin Rich Repair™. Smooth 3-5 pumps over the treatment area and gently massage in. If conducting treatment at a time when you will be exposed to sun and elements (morning or daytime) use of SPF Cover and Recover is recommended.